From this page, you can view pricing and select the SKU Ninja subscription plan you want for your items.

To order, just choose your subscription package and enter the number of items you want to use it for in the pricing calculator below. Then, click Add to Cart and check out from our cart page. Within minutes, you’ll get a welcome email with instructions on how to log in to SKU Ninja. It’s that easy!

Content Center
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  • Basic Content CMS

  • Content Comparison Tool

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Get Found
(Green Belt)

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  • Walmart Search Boost

  • Content Trends

  • Unlimited Enhanced Content

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  • Invader Alert

  • Top Shopper Questions

  • Shopper Sentiment Analysis

Win Search
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  • Share of Voice

  • Prioritized Keyword List

  • Item Search Scorecard

  • Search Snapshot

  • Share of Digital Shelf

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  • Yellow Belt

  • Green Belt

  • Purple Belt

  • Blue Belt

  • Enhanced Content Hosting

Managed Services
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  • Search Sensei

  • Ad Sensei

  • Dedicated Support

  • Digital Catalog Program


By signing up for SKU Ninja, you can order all of our ecommerce technology, automated reports, and content creation through our easy-to-use, self-service website! We’ve made it easier than ever to get the tools you need to win at ecommerce.

Please feel free to browse our site to learn more about our product offerings, but you’ll need to make a user account to view our bulk pricing calculators and order products or services. Sign up today and take your first steps toward improving the content on your product detail pages and roadmapping your way to ecommerce success!

After you’ve signed up for SKU Ninja, you should receive your login from our customer success team within 24 hours. When you’re able to log in, you’ll just need to enter your item list to start tracking and monitoring your product detail pages.

It’s truly easy to create an item list to start tracking your product pages using SKU Ninja:

  1. Choose a required identifier you have access to for all of your products (UPC, GTIN, URL)
  2. Put the identifier for each SKU into a one-column spreadsheet and save the file in .CSV format
  3. Log in to SKU Ninja using your credentials
  4. Upload your item list!

For all of our product offerings with monthly billing, you’ll be billed at the end of the month only for what you use. That’s right—if you sign up to monitor 100 pages with a SKU Ninja Essentials subscription, but only enter an item list with 50 items, you’ll only be billed for those 50 product detail pages at the end of the month.

At any time, you can add more product detail pages to your SKU Ninja content management and monitoring, or host more enhance content modules on your product detail pages. We’ll bill you at the end of the month for whatever number of pages or modules you enter.

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