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Help Shoppers Discover Your Products Online

Get Prioritized Keywords for unique items in multiple categories

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About This Item
  • Creates a list of relevant keywords for use in written content and back-end attributes

  • Crawls search queries, shopper reviews, and social media to find the most viable keyword phrases

  • Compiles hundreds of keyword phrases in 48 hours or less

  • Prioritizes keyword phrases by search volume, so you know which search terms to target

  • Accessible at any time online through easy-to-use SKU Ninja software, or export and download your list

  • Only requires the URL to a single product detail page

Help Shoppers Discover Your Products Online

Keyword phrases are an important part of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for product detail pages on large online retailers. It’s important to understand the search terms shoppers are using to find products like yours,because they’re what determines if your product page makes the search results.

Anything can be a keyword phrase, but not all of them are as competitively viable. Important factors like search volume, competitor usage, and relevancy to your products can tell you if a certain phrase is worth using on your product detail page. It can be difficult and time consuming to develop an SEO strategy for an individual item, and even harder for professionals managing a large portfolio of product pages.

SKU Ninja’s Prioritized Keyword List uses a unique, proprietary algorithm to crawl the internet to find keyword phrases being used to when searching for products like yours. Prioritized by the number of monthly searches, the keyword list gives you clear guidelines for increasing the discoverability of your product detail pages.

Increase Search Rank on Major Retailer Search Engines

By its nature, SEO is a competition. Improving your page’s discoverability has a direct effect on where it ranks on search engine results pages, and how many shoppers will ultimately have the chance to see your product. SKU Ninja uses specific criteria in its algorithms to suggest relevant keyword phrases that your item pages can use to win and rank highly on valuable search terms.

Keywords generated using SKU Ninja can be used to boost the back-end attributes of your item pages to improve discoverability. The most valuable keywords should be used in product descriptions for your product, so you can be sure that your copy is relevant both to the shoppers landing on your product detail page, and the search engines that put them there.

The keyword list is also valuable outside of ecommerce, equally useful as an SEO strategy for social media, websites, and landing pages. Shoppers can’t engage with your product and its content without discovering it first. SKU Ninja’s Prioritized Keyword List is your ticket to simple and effective SEO strategy for ecommerce and beyond.


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