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Use AI to Learn How Shoppers Feel About Your Products

Get A Shopper Sentiment Analysis To Better Understand Your Shopper's Voice

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About This Item
  • Get key takeaways from hundreds of shopper reviews at a glance

  • See the most frequently-used words in your category’s product reviews

  • Understand the positive, negative, and neutral sentiment shoppers have toward aspects of your product

  • Highlight what shoppers love about your products and avoid using words with negative associations

  • Answer shoppers questions and concerns before they ask

  • How to get started? Send us a link to a product detail page, from there we will determine the category and begin pulling reviews within that category for analysis

Get the Real Takeaways from Your Category's Shopper Reviews

In online retail, shopper reviews are often reduced to numbers. It’s important to have a lot of reviews and a high rating, but focusing on these metrics leaves out an important part: the reviews themselves! Shoppers that are engaged enough to leave written reviews can give you key insights into important aspects of your product and category as a whole.

But the large number of shopper reviews of varying lengths can make it difficult to make sense of all the data, or even know where to look. SKU Ninja’s Sentiment Analysis tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to parse hundreds of user reviews to determine how the writer feels about specific features mentioned in the reviews’ text. After compiling the most commonly used words and phrases, SKU Ninja will show you whether shoppers associate them with positive, negative, or neutral emotion in a simple and easy-to-read chart.

Understand Your Shoppers to Improve Your eCommerce Content

You can use the information from SKU Ninja’s Shopper Sentiment Analysis to highlight the aspects of your items you know shoppers see positively in your product description—or avoid using words that communicate negative emotion. After getting the key takeaways from hundreds of product reviews in your category, you’re equipped to speak to shoppers’ main questions and concerns before they ask!

Having a deeper understanding of what shoppers are saying about products in your category is important to marketing and content direction, competitive insight, and even product development. SKU Ninja is a tool dedicated to making life easier for ecommerce professionals by solving common problems when working with large online retailers. See what shoppers are saying about your ecommerce category today with SKU Ninja’s Shopper Sentiment Analysis!


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