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Assess & Monitor Your Product Pages’ Content and Submission Status

Monitor Your Daily Dashboard for Content Opportunities

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About This Item
  • Provides daily updates on content, publishing, and reseller status across your entire ecommerce portfolio

  • Generates useful reports showing you and your competitors’ content status side-by-side

  • Alerts you of third-party resellers and changes to your product content

  • Grades your item pages’ content based on discoverability, buyability, and content effectiveness

  • Assesses product detail pages based on ecommerce best practices

  • Helps develop a game plan to succeed on major online retailer

Increase Your Efficiency and Capitalize on eCommerce Opportunities

To stay ahead in ecommerce, it’s important know the exact status of each of your product pages’ content, submission, and buy box competitors. But with a portfolio of tens, hundreds, or thousands of product detail pages, this can be a time-consuming part of the job, to say the least. Having the right tools for the job can make life easier for suppliers and specialists, freeing up time to focus on more pressing or engaging tasks.

SKU Ninja is WhyteSpyder’s flagship ecommerce SaaS solution, which allows users to manage product detail page content, monitor content submission status and keep an eye on third party resellers. SKU Ninja's easy-to-use Daily Dashboard provides daily updates on product page status and opportunities, and helps you create an action plan for fixing any issues. With SKU Ninja Essentials, you can quickly upload an item list for your retailer portfolio, and start saving time and resources immediately!

Must-Have eCommerce Assessment, Monitoring, and Management

Every day, SKU Ninja's simple, intuitive online dashboard displays directional gauges, driven by proprietary content assessment algorithms that tell you which of your pages have issues, as well as which pages aren’t taking advantage of the retailer’s opportunities for effective, engaging content.

Not only does SKU Ninja Essentials make it easy to monitor your detail pages across multiple brands and retailers, with just a few clicks, users can manage the titles, descriptions, photography, videos, rich media, reviews, and ratings of product pages on with SKU Ninja’s content management module. Subscribers also have access to SKU Ninja’s customized reports which provide important ecommerce summaries and statistics to help you prioritize your efforts and create an action plan.

SKU Ninja tracks hundreds of thousands of product pages every day, providing daily content updates to ecommerce professionals across the country. Having the right tools to scan and parse publishing issues, content opportunities, and seller status on major online retailers can take hours of work off an ecommerce professional’s weekly tasks. Sign up today to add your portfolio to the most comprehensive, effective, and easy-to-use ecommerce management software on the market today!


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