Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  
Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  
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See What Shoppers are Asking with SKU Ninja’s Top Shopper Questions

Get a Prioritized List of Questions About Products Like Yours

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About This Item
  • With just a list of SEO keywords, get a prioritized list of questions shoppers are asking on major search engines

  • Efficient, automated SKU Ninja technology puts out a list after a keyword list is generated

  • All questions curated by WhyteSpyder’s team of ecommerce experts and given a relevance score based on our own proprietary scoring system

  • Perfect for creative direction for product descriptions, video, photography, and content marketing

  • Boost conversion rates for online advertising by answering top shopper questions through ad messages and creative assets

  • Delivered as a .csv file

  • Make your products more discoverable on major search engines like Google

See What Shoppers Want to Know About Your Products 

Shoppers are searching for solutions to their questions on search engines. The answers that those search engines give back are incredibly convenient for shoppers, providing instant, accurate answers from millions of resources. The real question is: “are your products answering these questions?”

When trying to sell your items online, it’s essential to understand what most shoppers are asking when discovering products. Brands and suppliers that understand what their shoppers are looking for have a huge leg up on their competition. 87% of shoppers start with a digital channel to research the products they buy. Your content marketing, advertising messages, and product pages should be the best source of information about your product to increase search rank and conversions.

SKU Ninja’s Top Shopper Questions is a prioritized list of questions that shoppers have asked online. Our system identifies them based on a keyword list provided by you or SKU Ninja’s Prioritized Keyword List. These questions can be used to optimize your product descriptions, SEO strategy, content marketing, advertising messaging, or even the research and development of your products! 

Shape Your Content with the Ultimate Shopper Focus Group 

Looking to connect with shoppers? This prioritized list of questions is a great jumping-off point for product descriptions and content marketing to answer questions that shoppers have before they even ask. With SKU Ninja’s Top Shopper Questions, you can fill your content calendar with relevant, useful information for months, or even years! This list of shoppers’ questions is the best creative direction you could ask for to make your content applicable to what your potential customers are looking for.

Innovative eCommerce Solutions from SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder 

At SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder, our goal is to create new and exciting solutions for the unique challenges of ecommerce professionals. We combine innovative new technologies with our years of ecommerce experience to make life easier for anyone working with the world’s largest retailers. Top Shopper Questions is the latest product offering from SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder, initially developed for clients of our in-depth consulting services.

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