WEBINAR: Grow Assortment & Win on Walmart Marketplace

Brands selling items online are always looking to grow their business, and with massive ecommerce growth in recent years, Walmart.com is a platform that can’t be ignored. However, coming to Walmart from platforms like Amazon requires a different approach that can be challenging to get right. But with the right insights and strategy, your brand can turn Walmart.com into an active and profitable facet of your online brand!

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder hosted a webinar featuring a roundtable discussion by former Walmart merchants and category specialists on our team to help you excel and grow on Walmart Marketplace. Moderated by SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder Founder and CGO Eric Howerton and the panelists will discuss topics including:

  • Adjusting your strategy for the unique features of Walmart’s platform

  • Standing out from the competition on Walmart Marketplace

  • Growing your assortment on Walmart through the Marketplace

Watch our team of experts give you the perspective and information you need to win on Walmart.com! PANELISTS:

  • Lily Grant, Account Services Director at SKU Ninja, former Walmart Senior Category Specialist

  • Sergio Cruz, Senior Account Services Lead at SKU Ninja, former Walmart Category Specialist

  • Holly Wampler, Strategy & Insights Consultant at SKU Ninja, former Jet.com Site Merchandiser

  • Corey Hammond, VP Product Strategy at SKU Ninja, former Walmart Category Specialist


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