Automating eCommerce at Scale

For managers of large brands or suppliers on major retailers like, there’s always work to be done. Online retail is a hectic industry. Between unexpected changes in content requirements, constant changes to your pages’ publishing status and rich media, and competition with third party resellers or other suppliers, it can feel like just when you’ve solved one issue, a few more pop up to take its place.

Automation is a great way to tackle the many problems unique to online retail. Having the right software and processes in place can save you time and effort on combing through lists of items or issues, or pouring a lot of resources into efforts that aren’t really the most effective or efficient. But even for large companies, it can be costly, time-consuming, or just plain unfeasible to create this kind of automated ecommerce programs or procedures in-house.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has created an innovative and affordable way to automate your work with online retailers, allowing you to manage product pages, monitor and improve content, and get information on competitors easier than ever before.

If you’re an ecommerce professional that works with a large brand or portfolio of SKUs, here’re a few of SKU Ninja’s features we’re sure you’ll love!

Keep Tabs on Hundreds of SKUs

Monitoring and managing the content of a large number of SKUs is nearly impossible when you have to keep up with their content and publishing status individually. SKU Ninja scrapes hundreds of thousands of product detail pages every single night—add your portfolio to our list and get automatic daily updates on hundreds of your items!

Manage Your Portfolio from an Intuitive All-in-One Workspace

SKU Ninja makes it easy to manage an entire portfolio of ecommerce product detail pages across multiple brands and retailers, all from a simple, browser-based web interface. From the always-online SKU Ninja Dashboard, you can view the takeaways from your product page monitoring, edit and publish new content to your pages, and even create or upload photography and rich media with an easy-to-use user interface. With SKU Ninja, everything you need to manage your ecommerce portfolio is always a click away.

Clear, Concise Content Recommendations

After scanning every one of your product pages, SKU Ninja will let you know exactly which and how many are missing certain elements of their item-level content. How does your portfolio stack up against best-in-class content recommendations? Are 37 of your items missing complete product photography? How many of your product pages have video content? Do all of your items have back-end attributes? Get the answers to all these questions and more, updated daily, with SKU Ninja!

Utilize Data with Automatic Category Reports

Managing big portfolios effectively means effectively using big data. Good news! SKU Ninja isn’t just a best-in-class ecommerce monitoring and management software, it’s also an innovative, unique analytics and reporting tool! Certain SKU Ninja subscriptions give you access to automatically generated reports that give you useful information on your ecommerce category, like Share of Search, Share of Digital Shelf, Review Sentiment Analysis, and Prioritized SEO Keyword Lists. These reports allow brand managers and ecomm specialists to assess their search engine optimization efforts, accurately identify successful product pages, and understand their category’s competitive landscape.

If you want to succeed in managing a large number of product detail pages on major online retailers, it’s important not just to work hard, but to work smart. Automated ecommerce solutions like SKU Ninja can go a long way toward equipping you for your daily work, and taking menial tasks and busy work off of your to-do list.

At WhyteSpyder + SKU Ninja, we have years of experience as ecommerce experts. We build our products from the ground up to be innovative, intuitive, and effective in meeting the needs of ecommerce professionals. Click here to order a subscription and learn a little more about what SKU Ninja can do for you, or contact to schedule a demo or ask questions about how we can solve the unique problems your work presents!


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