Your Roadmap to Winning on Covering the Basics

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder wants to make it easy for Walmart suppliers to improve their product pages, optimize their search rank, and sell more items on This month, we’re walking you through the steps to making your product pages examples of ecommerce excellence. For the first week of June, we’re Covering the Basics!

Step One: Showing Up in Search

The search engines that shoppers use to find, research, and purchase items online use metrics like the length of a page's content, its title, and whether or not the page contains a video to inform what order pages are displayed in. Your item showing up at the top of the results from these search engines is pretty much make or break for your success selling items online. In the ecommerce industry, a product page’s ability to show up and rank highly in search engine results pages is called its “discoverability” or “search engine optimization/SEO”.

The search engine on isn’t identical to ones you’ll find on other websites. Walmart has its own set of algorithms, checks, and requirements that determine what shows up in a search on If you don’t have the right content on your pages, your items will stop showing up in searches. For a variety of reasons, obvious and obscure, Walmart’s goal is to show shoppers product pages with high-quality, highly engaging, and highly-converting content about the item with their search engine.

Using Content Quality Scores to Evaluate Your Item Pages’ Discoverability

To keep track of the content on the millions of item pages on their servers, Walmart uses internal metrics called Content Quality Scores. These scores are a grade out of 100 that measures the quantity and quality of things like a page’s title, product description, photography, specifications, and enhanced content like video or 360 views. Pages with low Content Quality Scores are unlikely to show up in search results, and may even be hidden from search results by Walmart if low enough.

Adding the right content and specifications to your pages can help ensure it shows up in as many searches as possible, and that Walmart’s search algorithms aren’t ranking your item lower because something’s missing. Optimizing your Content Quality Scores is the perfect way to improve your item’s discoverability using Walmart’s own search metrics!

Improve Your Item’s Discoverability with Walmart Search Boost

SKU Ninja’s Walmart Search Boost tool makes it easy to audit and improve the Content Quality Scores of your product pages. From SKU Ninja’s online dashboard, you can see the quality scores of each of your item pages, and get a list of specific suggestions for what your page is missing and how you can improve it! You can get Walmart Search Boost as part a SKU Ninja Elite Subscription.

Email for more information about Walmart Search Boost, or to schedule a demo of our SKU Ninja software! Include your item page URLs, and we’ll give you a free evaluation of your Walmart Content Quality Scores!

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