Aug 25, 2023

WEBINAR: Walmart’s New Quality Scores Explained





Walmart has just announced a new scoring model that changes how Content Quality Scores are measured. These new requirements affect ALL ITEMS on and the Walmart app.

How does this all-new way of measuring the quality of item pages affect your Walmart business? What must brands do now to ensure their items stay discoverable and Walmart-compliant?

WhyteSpyder hosted a webinar on August 24th where two former Walmart merchants on our team will explain the recent changes to Walmart’s scoring model and go over how brands should adjust their strategy accordingly.

Watch as WhyteSpyder’s Senior Director of Client Services, Lily Grant, and Director of Enablement, Sergio Cruz cover:

  • How Walmart’s new scoring model affects Content Quality Scores

  • Walmart’s philosophy behind making back-end attributes more important

  • What brands can do to ensure their items remain discoverable

  • How to maintain your items’ eligibility for paid search and sponsored item placements

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