WhyteSpyder's SKU Ninja is an online ecommerce platform built for Walmart.com. Get actionable insights, exclusive Walmart data, and access to our award-winning support team.



Enhanced Content
  1. Video Hosting
    Give shoppers the video content they’re looking for with product videos to inform and impress.
  2. 360 View Hosting
    Use 360-degree photography to virtually put your item into the shopper’s hands.
  3. Feature Set Hosting
    Upload and arrange additional marketing images to show off your item. Also called A+ Content.
  4. Product Tour Hosting
    Create an interactive tour to walk shoppers through your item’s most important selling points.
  5. Comparison Table Hosting
    Create your own comparison tables to showcase other products on your Walmart.com listings.
  6. Document Hosting
    Add downloadable documents like instructions, warranty information, and more to your item pages.
  7. FAQ Hosting
    Create your own frequently asked questions section on Walmart.com to answer common shopper questions.
Content Excellence Program
  1. Walmart Style Guide Compliance
    Keep up with changing style guides by giving item pages the attribution required in Walmart’s new Omni 5.0 specifications.
  2. Content Quality Scores
    Achieve and maintain Content Quality Scores of 95% or higher with white glove management by our team of Walmart experts.
  3. Efficient Optimization
    The CEP uses smart AI + Human in the Loop processes to ensure your item pages are discoverable and Walmart-compliant.
  1. Basic Content CMS
    Make changes to your item pages' title, description, key features, images, and attributes from your online SKU Ninja dashboard.
  2. Content Comparison Tool
    Easily audit the content of your catalog of items: See what's live on Walmart.com, compare it to what's in SKU Ninja, and see changes!
  3. Publishing Solutions
    Can’t make changes to your Walmart listings? Our team has the fix for the most common publishing issues on Walmart.com.
  1. Walmart Search Boost
    Audit and improve your pages' Content Quality Scores to optimize them for Walmart.com search.
  2. Content Trends
    Get updates on your item-level content & more. Monitor your pages for dropped content and keep tabs on your competitors!
  3. Unlimited Enhanced Content
    Host every type of enhanced content in SKU Ninja on your Green Belt items: product videos, feature sets, and more!
  1. Invader Alert
    Track the Buy Box on your item pages to find new listings of your items added by a third party, with valuable metrics on how you can take action.
  2. Top Shopper Questions
    Get a list of questions most commonly asked by shoppers about items like yours. Improve your content and SEO by providing the answers.
  3. Shopper Sentiment Analysis
    See the words that show up in reviews for your product type, analyzed by AI to guide your SEO, content, and strategy.
  1. Share of Voice
    Convert your category’s search results into a single digestible metric. Identify keyword-item combinations where you can win in search.
  2. Prioritized Keyword List
    Get a list of SEO keywords for your item descriptions & marketing content, prioritized by volume and relevance.
  3. Search Snapshot
    Identify what brands are winning the top keywords for your category, and see which keywords are being bought by your competitors.
  4. Item Search Scorecard
    Quickly see an item’s search rank for every keyword. Get an item’s average, best, and worst search rank over a 14-day period.
  5. Share of Digital Shelf
    Visual readout of the unique items making up the search results for the top keywords in your category, assembled by brand and by seller.
  1. Content Center (Yellow Belt)
    Simplified content management and publishing support for Walmart.com listings.
  2. Get Found (Green Belt)
    Tools to ensure items show up in search, monitor page stats, and host enhanced content.
  3. Insights (Purple Belt)
    Deep insights on your shoppers and buy box to shape your ecommerce strategy.
  4. Win Search (Blue Belt)
    Proprietary tools to monitor and improve your search rank on Walmart.com.
  5. Enhanced Content
    Easily add videos, A+ content, and more to your Walmart.com pages with SKU Ninja's rich media creator.


  1. Easily add enhanced content to your Walmart.com listings

  2. Overcome publishing issues and update the content on your item pages

  3. Manage all of your Walmart items from SKU Ninja’s simplified online dashboard

  4. Save time and resources by having content updated and optimized by former Walmart merchants

  1. View Content Quality Scores and the top issues affecting them

  2. Meet Walmart content guidelines with complete and accurate attributes

  3. Monitor your items for missing content and opportunities to improve

  4. Remove barriers to success with the help of our team of Walmart search experts

  1. Get Walmart-focused data and insights you won’t get anywhere else

  2. Find unauthorized third-party resellers making sales on your item pages

  3. Uncover actionable insights on Walmart.com shoppers and competitors

  4. Devise Walmart search strategies to drive traffic and sales with help from our team of experts

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