What Are SEO Keywords and How to Find Them

Search results are the ecommerce equivalent of how and where your products are displayed on the shelf in traditional brick-and-mortar sales. The process of improving your product pages with content that moves them up search rankings is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. There are lots of ways to improve the SEO of your item pages, but including the right SEO keywords in your product description is a great place to start.

The words people use to search for products and web pages online are an essential part of search engine optimization. SEO Keywords are the search terms that shoppers use to find products and pages relevant to what they’re looking for. Without the right keywords, your shoppers have a much harder time finding your item page using the search terms that come naturally to them.

Many important keywords are exactly what you’d think. These come naturally when writing product descriptions, and are often even in the name of the product itself. However, some search terms used by shoppers in high volumes to find products like yours might surprise you! With only so much room to work with on a product page, choosing the right SEO keywords to focus on can make a big difference in your product pages’ traffic and sales.

Need an easy way to kick-start your SEO strategy? SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s Prioritized Keyword List tool lists the most competitively viable SEO keywords, prioritized using algorithms based on more than a decade of ecommerce experience. With just a product page URL or product type to start with, our innovative software and digital merchandising experts will deliver an extensive list of SEO keywords, ranked by a combination of search volume, competition, and more, all within 48 hours.

Major search engines like Google use a variety of methods and algorithms to determine what pages show up in search results. Keeping your product descriptions long and informative with relevant written content is a reliable way to keep your pages ranking highly in your ecommerce category. SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s Prioritized Keyword List is a great tool for ecommerce professionals to improve their product descriptions, improve traffic and search rankings, and outclass their competitors’ online content.

These Prioritized Keyword Lists can also make a great SEO backbone for websites and landing pages, content marketing, and more! Every weighted keyword in this list is a valuable asset to shaping your SEO strategy to drive your web page to the top of any search engine’s results pages.

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