Your SEO Competitors May Surprise You!

In traditional, brick-and-mortar marketing and sales, most brands have their competitors squarely pegged. But the world of ecommerce isn’t so simple. New competitors can pop up overnight, and changing search engine algorithms can affect what brands are winning online, and by how much.

Here’s a story from SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s experience consulting a major brand on its digital marketing and SEO strategy (for anonymity, we’ll call them Client A):

Client A is a major brand, interested in improving their market share in the search results of online retailers and major search engines. The brand’s name recognition and popularity meant it was doing well on a lot of high-volume keyword searches. But SKU Ninja’s Share of Search tool found some important keywords where the brand was falling behind.

On more generalized, but still very high-volume keywords, like “chicken strips”, Client A was falling behind in search rankings. Many of these high-volume search results were being won by a much smaller brand’s product pages. In fact, the brand that was taking up so much of their search engine market share was a company in a completely different ecommerce category.

Search results don’t care if your product is an established mainstay or a brand-new brand. SEO is inherently competitive, and if you’re not showing up in the top search rankings, many shoppers and searchers won’t even click through to your product page (the first four results on any given Google search get almost 70% of clicks!) Millions of shoppers conduct searches on major online retailers every day. It’s plain to see how important it is to know how your brand is performing on those search engines, so you can measure your SEO success and keep track of your competitors.

SKU Ninja’s Share of Search subscription is the tool you need to understand the search rankings of SEO keywords for your retailer category. In a clear, concise, and color-coded readout, you can see which brands rank highly, if your pages are showing up, and which of your competitors are most successful across multiple keyword searches.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has years of experience in the online retail industry, and we’d like to think we’ve seen it all. Our mission is to combine human expertise with innovative technology to create new solutions for the unique problems of ecommerce professionals.

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