Content Center (Yellow Belt)


With SKU Ninja’s Content Center Subscription, you can easily make changes to your product pages, get help with publishing issues, and audit your content on


  1. Change an item page’s title, description, images, key features, specifications, and attributes

  2. Easily manage your entire catalog of items from SKU Ninja’s online dashboard

  3. Get help from SKU Ninja’s expert support team with publishing issues

  1. See the content live on your pages and compare it to what you have entered in SKU Ninja

  2. Check your item pages for unexpected changes or dropped content with differences clearly highlighted

  3. Import content from Walmart, or publish your own content with the click of a button

Content Center Subscription Benefits

Edit Your Walmart Content

Change an item’s title, description, images, attributes and more.

Simplified Content Management

Easily edit your Walmart items with no spreadsheets or complicated systems.

All Your Items in One Place

Choose the item you want to edit from a list of all items in SKU Ninja.

See Publishing Status

See if your content changes have been published to Walmart at a glance.

Attribute Help

See what attributes are Required, Optional, or Recommended for your item’s category.

SKU Ninja Support

Get help on publishing issues and other problems from our fast & responsive Helpdesk.

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