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Who Owns the Digital Shelf in Your Category? It May Surprise You.

Our Share Of Digital Shelf Will Help You Visualize Which Brands Rank Highest Based On Top Keyword Phrases

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About This Item
  • Understand your real competition on major online retailers

  • Receive 5 individual reports with your monthly subscription: Brand Shares, Brand Item Quantity, Seller Shares, Seller Item Quantity, and Individual Item Share

  • Learn which brands, sellers, and product pages are ranking highest

  • Easily visualize the competitive landscape of your different product types

  • See which of your competitors are being seen by the majority of shoppers

  • Parses search results and digital share of shelf across multiple product types

  • Comprehensive reports give brands a baseline for ecommerce success or insights for digital marketing efforts

Make Sense of Search Terms, Resellers, and More

Unlike traditional share of shelf, digital share of shelf is impacted by a variety of constantly changing factors. To maximize your ecommerce success, it’s essential for your products to rank highly on your retailer’s search engine results. But things like changes in category catalogs, specific search terms, and third-party resellers all help decide how many shoppers have the chance to see your product detail page.

SKU Ninja’s Share of Digital Shelf Subscription gives you the information you need to tackle the unique challenges of online retail. On major online retailers used by millions of shoppers, your item’s top competition is the other brands and products. Knowing how your brand stacks up against its competitors on top search terms will give you important insights to inform your brand’s strategy for success on major retailers.

You don’t have to crunch the numbers yourself — SKU Ninja’s Share of Digital Shelf Subscription generates 5 graphics to give you the essential information in an intuitive visual report. With just the URL for a single retailer’s product page, SKU Ninja will output automated reports on its category’s top brands and items, and the percent shares of name brands and third-party resellers.

Get Important Information on your eCommerce Product Types

SKU Ninja chooses keywords for its reports based on search volume, to show you at a glance which brands and items are being seen by the majority of shoppers through organic searches. Suppliers can use SKU Ninja’s Share of Digital Shelf Subscription to create a roadmap for content strategy, establish a benchmark for ecommerce success, or identify a brand’s top competitors on specific retail sites.

Online retail is complicated. But with the right tools, ecommerce professionals can quickly determine a plan to take critical steps toward success. Ecommerce excellence depends on a well-founded understanding of the competitive landscape of your vertical category. SKU Ninja’s Share of Digital Shelf Subscription gives you the big takeaways on search rank, brand market share, and seller status, all within an easy-to-use, all-in-one ecommerce dashboard.


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